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Common Cat Health Problems

Tips for Housing a Happy and Healthy Cat

Has your pet developed one or more of the common cat health problems that affect our feline friends? Or are you concerned about the illnesses and health conditions that your cat might suffer from in the future? In this article we will look at some of the common cat health problems that may affect your cat at different times in his or her life.

First we must make it clear that this article is not designed to diagnose any health problems in individual cats. If your cat is showing symptoms of illness or pain, you should take it to the veterinarian’s office as soon as possible. We are not veterinarians, and anyway, there is no way to be sure what is wrong with a cat without seeing it.

Having said that, there are some common cat health problems that will go away without treatment. A cat may vomit up a hair ball, for example, before you even knew it had one. Or they may have a digestive disorder or a mild viral infection like a human cold that is not serious at all. You just cannot be sure without specialized advice.

It is not unusual for cats to vomit or get diarrhea. Like human children, their bodies will often use either of these methods to respond to a mild infection or food that is not good for them right now. If it is an isolated incident, it is probably nothing to worry about. However, either of these common cat health problems can be symptoms of something more serious. Diarrhea can be dangerous in itself, too, because cats lose a lot of water this way. Kittens in particular can easily die of diarrhea alone. So be sure to seek treatment for that.

Some of the most common cat health problems are not caused by illness but by parasites. Worms are one example. Cats that go outside can easily pick up the eggs of parasitic worms. They may be eaten along with prey or from chewed grass or they may get onto the cat’s coat and be consumed when he or she grooms. Most forms of worm live in the digestive system feeding on the food that the cat eats. This results in weight loss. But there are also more dangerous forms of worm that can eat away at the cat’s own body. Regular worming treatments are required to protect cats from worms.

Fleas are another kind of parasite. Just about all cats suffer from fleas unless they are treated for it on a strict schedule. As with worms, the only way you can prevent your cat from attracting fleas without using some kind of cat flea product is to keep it in the house all of the time. Cats can also suffer from ticks (which can pass on the serious infection of Lyme disease) and ear mites, which are uncomfortable and can lead to infected ears when the cat scratches.

Fortunately, most cats are pretty healthy creatures. They live active lives and except for accidents, there is a good chance that the average cat will not develop any serious health issues until it is old. However, some cats are not so lucky and may suffer from a serious health condition much earlier. These can be expensive to treat, but veterinary cat medicine has improved to the point where cats can often be treated successfully for less common cat health problems that would have been fatal for their great-grandparents.

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