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Dangerous Foods For Dogs or Puppies

Dangerous Foods For Dogs or Puppies

When it comes to feeding your puppy or dog you must make sure that he does not end up anywhere near any foods that can do him serious harm. Dogs have a digestive system that is not the same as humans. There are some foods that can make a dog very sick. There are other foods that can go even further and are fatal when ingested by your puppy or dog. Read on to find out what foods is downright poison for your pet!

A good place to start is with chocolate. Chocolate is a tasty treat for people but it is deadly for dogs! Even in very small quantities chocolate can be lethal for your puppy or dog. Chocolate is composed of a high percentage of a substance called methylzantine (also sometimes called theobromine). This substance is poisonous to dogs. It is contained in both dark chocolate as well as milk chocolate but the former contains a greater amount of it.

Chocolate is bad for dogs in other ways as well. It can cause cardiac arrhythmia, cardiac irregularity and internal bleeding. It has also been known to cause epileptic seizures in man’s best friend. Keep all chocolate far out of the reach of your curious pooch!

A dog would probably not enjoy the taste of an onion but do not take the time to find out! Onions are very bad for your dog regardless of whether he is young, middle aged or elderly. Onions are composed of a substance known as thiosulphate. This substance can cause hemolytic anemia to occur. What this means is that the red blood cells that are circulating in the blood stream can become close to bursting. If your dog eats onions he can also experience breathlessness, vomiting, bloody stools, and in the worst case scenario, he can even die from consumption.

It is worth noting that garlic is in the same family as onions and is also a definite taboo for dogs. While garlic is not good for your puppy or dog it is not as dangerous as onions. This is because onions contain a higher concentration of toxins than does garlic.

What would your morning be without a cup of java or a cup of tea? While you may look forward to coffee or tea to start your day, or at any time of the day, both of these beverages are extremely dangerous to your puppy or dog. If ingested your pet could suffer from shortness of breath, an irregular heartbeat or heart palpitations.

Many kinds of nuts are bad for dogs but walnuts are very high on the list. They contain phosphorous which is not something your dog should be consuming. The consumption of walnuts can lead to a variety of serious side effects, one of which is the development of stones in the bladder. Macadamia nuts, another common favorite of many people’s, can lead to temporary paralysis in a dog.

Candy is harmful to a puppy or dog. In fact any type is a firm no-no! This is particularly the case if the candy is sugarless. Candy is composed of a sweetener with a funny name- xylitol. This substance can cause a dog’s blood pressure to drop very quickly. It can also cause seizures and in some dogs, liver failure.

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