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Raw Food Diet For Dogs: The Perfect Dog Food?

When you think about it, a raw food diet for dogs makes a lot of sense. Dogs in the wild would always eat raw food. They don’t sit around fires or barbecues!

Cooking changes the nature of food. Anybody interested in following a raw food diet for themselves will tell you that any substance heated over about 115 degrees F begins to change. Enzymes are killed and the molecular makeup of the food alters. Dogs need a lot of these enzymes because they digest food much faster than we do.

In some cases, cooking at very high temperatures creates free radicals, trans fats and other substances that many people believe to be carcinogenic (cancer-forming). Even regular cooking makes a difference to food – that is clear from the way that it looks and tastes. Even though it tastes better when cooked, we don’t know if we can digest it so easily.

This applies even more to dogs, whose natural diet is less varied than ours. Intuitively it would seem that their digestive system would be less flexible and less able to cope with changes in their diet. For all of these reasons, many pet owners are now choosing a raw food diet for dogs.

Ask yourself one question: if all of the dog food options cost the same, which would you choose? In most cases, owners would choose to feed their dogs a diet that included at least some raw meat.

This is not to say that commercial dog foods are bad. In some situations they may be the healthiest option for your pet. Most of them are nutritionally balanced and free of bacteria. You can avoid some of the potential problems of using commercial dog foods by rotating them or switching brands every few months.

You have a wide choice of commercial dog foods these days. Many pet foods, even the ‘wet’ food that comes in cans, contain grains that a dog’s short intestinal tract may not easily be able to digest. But now, you have grain-free dog food options too. You do not have to buy products that are full of added ingredients like wheat, soy, artificial preservatives and the by-products of meat production that are not considered fit for humans to eat.

However, supporters of a raw food diet for dogs argue that it is a more natural and healthy choice than any heated or highly processed pet food, helping to keep your pet happy, disease-free and energetic.

It is possible to order a raw food diet for dogs to be delivered to your home. Most companies offering this service provide ground meat mixed with bone plus vegetables to cover all of a dog’s nutritional needs. Check out the details for yourself and consider whether this would suit your dog. This is not the cheapest option for feeding your dog but in most cases it will be more economical and more balanced than buying supermarket grade meat for your dog.

Remember that even if a raw food diet for dogs is more natural, it is also more likely to contain dangerous bacteria that can cause food poisoning and death. This is why we generally don’t eat raw meat ourselves, or if we do, we stick to beef which is less likely to carry life-threatening bacteria than pork or chicken. So if you choose an all raw or mainly raw food diet for dogs, be sure that you are selecting safe options.

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