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Doggie Care Items That Every Dog Should Have

For the health and well-being of your dog he needs certain basic items just like you do. Nutritious food and a well balanced diet is the first essential that your doggie needs to keep him healthy and strong. The higher quality dog food you can afford to buy your pet the better. Make sure you also feed him other foods as well such as a variety of meats, vegetables, brown rice and oats.

Every dog should have an identification tag even if you never let him out of your sight. A pet ID tag is one of the most basic things you can do to ensure the safety of your beloved dog. Safety and health often walk hand in hand. The ID tag should include the dog’s name, your name your address and your telephone number. The tag should be such that anyone who finds your dog wandering in the street can read it without the need to get close to your pet.

If you can afford it, then another equally viable option for identification purposes is to have your dog tattooed or implanted with a traceable microchip. The procedure is not that difficult to do and can easily be performed by your veterinarian. Your dog’s information will then be placed into a national registry and finding him if he disappears should not be very complicated.

Your puppy or dog needs a collar for his walks. The collar can act as another form of identification and it also is a way to supervise him and keep him safe. The best type to buy for your puppy is an adjustable collar that can increase in size as your puppy grows bigger. If you have a full grown dog then buy him a buckle collar but make sure it fits him properly and will be comfortable. The collar should be tight enough that it cannot be slipped over the head of the dog but it must be loose enough that you can put a couple of your finger through it with ease.

When it comes to your dog’s dishes he should have two bowls. One is for fresh clean water while the other is for his food. Buy bowls that are non-slip and have flat bottoms so your pet cannot tip them over easily. Choose stainless steel bowls over plastic ones because they are much easier to clean.

Your dog needs to be walked and should not be spending too much time alone in the backyard. However most dogs love the outdoors and enjoy being out in the backyard once in a while. When your dogs is outside enjoying the fresh air and the sights and sounds, he needs a doghouse that is large enough for him to stand up in but wide enough and comfortable enough for him to sit down or lie down in. You do not however want to buy or build too big a doghouse because your dog may find it too cold during the winter months. If you buy a doghouse for your puppy, bear in mind how large he will grow to be once he becomes a full grown adult dog.

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