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How To Train Your Dog To Take His Potty Business Outside

How To Train Your Dog To Take His Potty Business Outside

Just like the parents of a toddler, you are probably wondering when the day will come that your dog is self toileting. Well, just like a child, your dog needs guidance to learn about the proper way to handle the fact that it needs to go potty. If you want to know what you can do to radically speed up this process you should read the article below.

The first step in toilet training involves using their crate. The idea behind crate training is that a dog will not go to the bathroom in its own living space so you can control that aspect. Then, when you remove the dog from the crate, take it outside right away. This quickly makes it a habit for the dog that the place that it is to use the bathroom is outside. Once you have done this for a few days you can leave the dog out more and more, giving your dog the chance to alert you as to when it needs to go outside.

As you use some techniques to train your dog, you must remember that rewards make the process go a lot faster. Dogs love to please their masters, but even more exciting for them is the hope of getting a treat. Find a treat that your dog can hardly resist and use it as your reward method. In the beginning you will want to give your dog a treat every time that you notice that he has done something right. After that has happened for a week or so you will need to slowly reduce the frequency that you reward your dog. This way your dog will continue to go to the bathroom outside and you do not go broke giving your dog treats all day. Even after your dog has mastered the skill you will want to continue to reward him. This will remind him of how rewarding going outside can be.

Use your tone and mannerisms to express to your dog if you are happy or dissatisfied with his behavior. If you find a mess in the home the first thing you should do is locate your dog and bring him to the site. Say, “No.” in a firm voice and gesture to the place that the transgression sits. You dog will understand your tone is not pleased and can connect that with what you are pointing to. Be sure that you do the opposite as well. When your dog takes care of its business where it should you need to use your voice and movements to let them know how happy you are. Show them that you are excited and pleased. This is a reward for your dog, who is always looking for ways to make you happy.

As you read at the start of this article, training your dog to use its bathroom is a lot like training a young child. You want to be kind, reassuring and helpful in the process. Use the tips above so that you can accomplish just that.

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