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Rabbit Pet Insurance – Is It Worth The Cost?

So you have a rabbit, or are planning to get one, and you are wondering about rabbit insurance. It is great that you are thinking about provision for the care of your rabbit in case it needs expensive emergency treatment. But how easy is it to get rabbit insurance, and is it worth the money?

A rabbit is one of the cutest pets that you can own. They are not difficult to care for if you have the right conditions – a safe place for them to live, space in your yard. They don’t seem like they would be expensive or a lot of work. Because of this, many people go ahead and buy one without thinking too much about it. Often, they are given to kids as Christmas or birthday gifts.

But what happens when your rabbit gets sick? Suddenly you could have some large and unexpected veterinary bills. So you probably want to think about rabbit insurance.

Health care insurance for rabbits does exist, but it may not be not offered by every pet insurance company. You may have to search around a little. In many cases you will find rabbits included with a lot of other animals under general or exotic pet insurance.

Rabbit insurance usually only gives basic cover for illness, accident and emergency expenses. You cannot expect it to cover routine or preventive health care. You do not have as many options as you would with pet insurance for a cat or dog. In some cases you might be covered for the price you paid for the rabbit in the event of accidental death. Otherwise it is usually just for unexpected veterinarian’s fees.

Whether rabbit insurance is worth the cost to you depends on your circumstances and how you feel about your pet. In many cases, pet owners do not become so attached to a rabbit as they would to a cat or a dog. Rabbits are not such people-oriented animals and they do not usually have the freedom to roam around your house, so they don’t feel like one of the family in quite the same way. For this reason, you may be more likely to feel it is not worth spending a lot of money on its health care. However, if you have kids (and most rabbit owners do) you will also want to consider how your kids feel about the rabbit.

Many kids are devastated when their pet dies, and this would be especially true if they discovered from friends or online that their rabbit could have had veterinary treatment, but didn’t get it because you didn’t have insurance and didn’t want to pay out on the cost of medical fees for their pet. The consequences in your family could be terrible! So if you do take this approach and decide not to go for rabbit insurance, it is best to be upfront about this with your kids from the beginning – if possible, before you even buy the rabbit.

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