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Solutions For Problem K-9 Behaviors

Solutions For Problem K-9 Behaviors

Anyone that wants to have a dog that is suitable to live with must take the time to properly train their dog, but every problem does not have an obvious solution. If you have been able to train your dog to behave a certain way in specific situations you are likely puzzled as to why you can not succeed with a specific negative behavior. If you need help with one of the more common of problems you have likely found the perfect article for you. Keep reading to find out if this article has the information that you need.

Does your dog react poorly when it is time for you to leave your home? If so, your dog is not having an uncommon problem. Many dogs have separation anxiety, and most of them have it for the same reason. The first thing you need to do is evaluate the way in which you behave when it is time to leave. Do you anticipate that your dog will become upset? Do you try to give him extra love or attention before you leave? Do you feel the stress associated with your dogs reactions when you do leave? If you have answered yes to any of these questions you may be part of the problem. Instead, you must remain calm, keep your mind off of how your dog may react and avoid making a scene out of your departure. Do not give them any attention shortly before you leave, instead just get ready and leave as if he was not there. Chances are that your dog was reacting to the ritual you had created before you left just as much as he was to the fact that you were leaving him.

Does your dog seem to never shut up? Dogs almost never bark for no reason. Try to find out what it is that is bothering him and find a way to put an end to it. For example, if he barks every time that people walk by your home you can find a way to keep that out of his focus. Change your curtains so that he can not peer out of them and/or remove furniture that he uses to get high enough. Be sure that you do not ever yell at or hit your dog, as that will only add more anxiety to the situation.

No matter what the problem is, there are a few things that are always important. Always be consistent. This is true for rewards, punishments and what behaviors you will or will not tolerate. Doing this will prevent your dog from being confused. Always be kind. Your dog will respect you as long as you show that you respect him. Finally, do not become stressed out. Your dog can sense this and may act out in response. Keep your calm so that your dog can keep himself calm as well.

Everyone wants a well mannered dog, but this does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of hard work and more. Put the tips you just read to use so that you can have a dog that you can fully appreciate.

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